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Women-Only Hotel Rooms and Floors Are Trendy, But For How Long?

April 30, 2013  | by |

Welp, it looks like we’ve officially got a new trend on our hands.

Hotels all over the world are offering women-only rooms and floors in an attempt to attract and cater to the growing number of female solo travelers, the majority of them of the business variety. Among others, the Dukes London, Bella Sky Comwell, Naumi Hotel in Singapore, Premier Hotel in New York, the Crowne Plaza in D.C., and the Georgian Court Hotel in Vancouver are all on board.

“This is an old concept once dismissed as sexist that’s having a resurgence primarily as a result of more women traveling solo on business,” Ann Mack, director of trend spotting at the marketing communications firm JWT, told the New York Times.

The rooms focus on perks that would be of more value to women than men, such as full-length mirrors, makeup stools, fresh flowers, oversized tubs with bath salts (the non-zombie kind), curling irons, loofahs, nail files, and women’s magazines, among others. Apparently there’s also a safety aspect at hand as some women-only floors require keycard access and almost all are serviced by an entirely-female staff.

At first we were a little curious about this idea, and we wondered if it was just another example of what we refer to as a “for the hell of it” hotel promotion. But now that this concept has been refined and expanded across multiple brands, we actually believe there might be something here. Most hotels consider it an upgrade over the basic rate – so it will cost a few dollars extra – however it does seem that women travelers will really enjoy such an environment, especially when on the road for business.

But you tell us. Chime in, gals. Are you intrigued enough to give it a go?

Also of note is that a bit of jealousy has arisen from the male camp – some see the women-only trend as a form of discrimination. We feel that if men want it, they’ll eventually get it, so the whole discrimination thing is a bit of a stretch in our opinion.

Could you imagine the men’s only floors? If college dormitories are any indication, they would probably include extra housekeeping personal to go along with heated toilet seats and a kegerator.

[Photos: Dukes London]


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