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the Hotel I started my career, Thank you Trust House Forte!!!!

Globales Reina Cristina Hotel - Algeciras - Costa del Sol

Globales Reina Cristina Hotel

This magnificent hotel, which opened in 1902, has 168 rooms, and it offers all services needed for meetings, business and events of all kinds. Furthermore, its location makes it one of the most interesting in the area. It is a few minutes walk from the port of Algeciras, one of the most important in Europe for its connection with the African continent, and moreover, it is located a few miles from the pristine waters of Tarifa, with its magnificent beaches and waves of more than five feet, perfect for surf lovers. We also have free parking. It is also noteworthy because of its proximity to other interesting places such as Gibraltar, Marbella, Alcornocales Natural Park, among others.

Besides being a multifunctional hotel, the Globales Reina Cristina becomes a paradise in the middle of the city of Algeciras. Our clients can relax and make their stay one of the most rewarding in our gardens.

It’s fascinating history makes it one of the most traditional hotels in Spain and the oldest on the Costa del Sol opened in 1902. Since then it has had a clientele of Spanish and English aristocracy and international personalities including King Alfonso XIII, the Count of Paris, the Sultan of Johore, Franklin D.Roosevelt, Marshall Patain, the Queen Elisabeth of Belgium and Maria Jose of Italy, Orson Welles, Umberto of Italy, among many others. Its two imperious Suites housed two illustrious visitors, the King Don Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, today the two luxurious rooms are named after them. Even during World War II it became a stronghold of the intelligence services of the Axis powers.

At the Globales Reina Cristina Hotel you can enjoy ADSL and WI-FI in reception, in the main hall and in all of the guests rooms. You will find at your disposal modern amenities, swimming pool, tranquility and all possibilities of accommodation to suit your preferences. If required you can hold a conference in the hotel premises, there are conference facilities suitable for group events (8 rooms) available for this purpose and you also have the possibility of organizing your wedding or banquet with the best professionals and equipment.


The railroad is what brought the Globales Reina Cristina Hotel to be, one of the most traditional hotels in Spain and the oldest in Cadiz. It owes its name to Queen María Cristina, mother of Alfonso XIII, who reigned until the king was of adult age. It all began in 1890, when the Spanish Government decided to build a railroad from Bobadilla to Algeciras. The Government commissioned an English company, the Henderson Administration to build the railroad. Sir Alexander Henderson was in charge – a distinguished philanthropist to whom Edward VII would later grant the title of Lord.

Sir Henderson was stayed in Algeciras while the railroad was being constructed. He liked the region so much that he decided to build a hotel in Algeciras, next to the last station, in addition to another Hotel, of the same characteristics as the Reina Cristina, in the neighbouring and picturesque city of Ronda (Reina Victoria Hotel). Its architect was English and its style as well, with some Hispanic elements.

Hotel Globales Reina Cristina

It opened in 1901 and since then it has accommodated Spanish and English aristocrats and international celebrities.

In 1928, the hotel almost completely burned down. Two years later, it reopened with more rooms and the same halls it has today. The only difference is the interior patio, which was closed and turned into the “Glazed Hall”.

The two suites that the hotel offers today owe their names to the distinguished visitors who have occupied them, such as Queen Cristina and Juan Carlos I.

During the Spanish Civil War and World War II, the hotel remained open, and accommodated German and Italian spies, who were controlling the movement of ships across the Strait. They turned the bathrooms into dark rooms where there developed the pictures they took of Gibraltar.

The Globales Reina Cristina Hotel, belonged to the chain Trusthouse Forte from 1963 through 1995, and since then it has been owned by the hotel chain Hoteles Globales.

In the old Golden Book of the Hotel and reproduced on two plaques on both sides of Reception, the signatures of distinguished persons who have stayed in the Reina Cristina Hotel: King Alfonso XIII, the Counts of Paris, the Sultan of Johor, Federico García Lorca, Franklin D.Roosevelt, Philippe Pétain, the Queens Elizabeth of Belgium and Maria Joseph of Italy, the Dukes of Nemours, Michel de Grèce, Idris of Libya, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía of Spain, Prince Murat, the wife of Franco, Cole Porter, Juan Belmonte, Orson Welles, Ava Gardner, Umberto of Italy, Rock Hudson, Edward Heath and many more.

One of the historical reasons for which the Globales Reina Cristina Hotel is famous is for having served as the framework of the Alcegiras Conference. From January through April of 1906, the representatives of Spain, France, Germany, the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Russia and Morocco stayed in the hotel, and dealt with the protectorate established over Morocco between Spain and France .

A young journalist attended the Algeciras Conference, Winston Churchill…

Hotel Globales Reina Cristina - Costa del Sol


Acerca de A. R. A

Tony R. Álvarez nacido en Algeciras provincia de Cadiz -Andalucia Spain, trabajo y resido en Algeciras. Consultor Hotelero.


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  1. Precioso Hotel, he tenido el placer de dirijirlo 3 años, desde el 2007 al 2010. El edificio, su historia y su empleados le añaden una estrella más.

    Me gusta

    Publicado por Francisco Javier Martínez Alba | 15 marzo, 2012, 13:33


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